CV Kharisma

C V   K H A R I S M A

Offset Printing

Promotion of Advertising and Printing is a thing that can not be separated from modern life today. Promotion and Printing becomes a basic need for the community’s provider of corporate needs and for business people. We are present in the community to support the needs of business people and provide a definite solution to the needs of promotion and printing.

With a good, comprehensive and innovative approach to Strategy Management with an innovative and communicative approach to always provide more transparent and transparently integrated formulas and inputs for businesses A through Z, from Upstream to Downstream we can deliver to you in need.

We are not just making an appointment, because our Main Purpose is to Increase Maximum Margin Growth with more effective expenditure for Business Actors who become our Clients. In support of Production, we have Workshop with complete complete equipments, such as Printing Machine, Pond Machine, Pond Knife, Finishing Machine and others so that we can meet our Clients’ needs quickly and satisfactorily.

Our commitment is to provide the best quality and service and complete with a fast and precise working system to get maximum results.